The hunter Safety System That Gives You peace of mind

 Eagle3 Lifeline

The Eagle 3  is the only hunter safety system with three uses.  First, this device allows you to safely climb and descend your tree stand ladder, Two, you can then harness yourself safely to the tree while sitting in tree stand, and three, this safety device can be used as a deer drag. The Eagle 3 lifeline helps keep you safe and connected from the ground to the top of the tree stand and back down the ladder again.

It's simple, fast and compact. Accommodates all tree stand ladders with a 300 lb capacity. Just put it on before you head into the woods and use with any tree stand ladder. Some of the highlights and advantages of the Eagle 3 Lifeline are the following.

* 21st technology - It's secure and will not compress your chest

* 21st Technology - It's very strong.

* Simple, Lightweight  & compact - 10.2 oz,  will fit in the palm of your hand

*Mobile - pack it in, wear it, or carry it. Designed for multiple uses and all tree stands

live to hunt another day.


The Three Uses


Climbing Tree Stand Ladder


Staying Fastened To Trees


Use As A Deer Drag


Hunt Safely, Don't be outsmarted by the wild.


This is a sturdy safety device with specific modes for securing yourself from a fall when ascending and hunting in a tree stand. When I held this in my hand, I could tell this was very solid design.
— Trent R.

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The Eagle3 Lifeline Hunter Safety System is a Multi purpose product, brought to you by Lifelines of Ohio, LLC. Thought I would share my thoughts on the device after putting it to use. This is great for the Hunter that hunts ladders stands, it definitely will help you feel more secure when climbing a ladder, accidents happen, never say it couldn’t happen to you. Many people don’t want to wear a bulky harness sitting in a ladder stand, they don’t think they will fall out because of a shooting rail or other accessory. Ever doze off in a ladder stand?? Sure you have. Last thing you want to do is wake up, or not wake up.. laying on the ground. The Eagle 3 Lifeline makes securing yourself to the tree easy and simple. Just wrap the strap around the tree, clip in, and give yourself a little slack and turn around and sit down.. simple as that! Shot a deer?? Guess what the lifeline also doubles as a deer drag! 3 in 1 tool, what more could you ask for?? Stay Safe out there, Live to Hunt another Day!
— Raymond Ottavi, Whitetail Up

Stay safe out there. it's better to have one before it's too late.